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Suro “SURz” Khetchian was born on June 28, 1984 in Ijevan, Armenia. Suro has two siblings, older sister Ruzanna and younger brother Vacho. Growing up, Suro and his siblings enjoyed the love of music together. Although, Suro’s mom Janna always believed in him and his talents, he still felt the need to prove to his mother that singing is his life and possibly can be a career and not just a hobby.

At the age of three, Suro revealed his talent by performing a Russian song in the train for his grandmother on their way to their summer house. As they say, “The apple does not fall far from the tree”, this was the case with Suro.  Suro’s grandmother had an amazing voice but did not pursue her career in singing. However, she felt her dream was fulfilled when she witnessed Suro’s passion for singing.

In December of 1991, Suro and his family immigrated to the United States to pursue a better living. Being the oldest son, at the age of 14, Suro decided to take financial responsibility in helping his single mother and two siblings. He took the first step to his career in the music industry and started his own business and began djing. In addition to working, Suro was also part of the well-known Armenian Fairytales- “Hekiatn E Kanchum” theatrical program. During his first stage performance with “Hekiatn E Kanchum” at Stars Theatre, he played the role as young Sayat Nova and added his own contemporary and entertaining twist to the song.

When Suro was 16 years old, he made his very first television appearance and shortly after he wanted to show his mother that he had what it took to be a great singer. He asked her into his room to witness his talent as he sang songs from legendary artists. After hearing how beautifully Suro delivered the melody, she was amazed and speechless. Suro looked into his mother in the eyes and said, “This is my university, my career, my life, this is where my heart is”.

Suro's childhood dream for becoming a singer and a record releasing artist grew stronger. This was a turning point in his life when he chose to focus on a pursuit of transforming his passion into his profession. Despite the obstacles he came across, he wouldn't allow anything to stop him from chasing his dreams and going after what his heart and soul was set on... to sing. Deep down inside he believed in his journey and his dream of becoming a respected artist.

With the guidance and support from his colleagues, at the age of 17, Suro turned his dream a reality by releasing his first album with Akhtamar Records, entitled, “Sirum Em Kez”. The album’s success and ratings were phenomenal. Suro’s unique voice and the exclusive selection of sizzling music captured many listeners’ hearts in such a positively emotional way.  The Armenian community began to recognize Suro’s talent and embraced all of his songs and music. His songs were loved by audiences at every age and became hit songs instantly.

In the last several years, Suro has released many worldwide hits, several music videos, and in early 2017 released the long awaited “First Love-Ser Arachin” Album. Suro has accepted many invitations to perform at numerous out of state events and in other countries, including Armenia, Russia, Holland and Israel. Israel’s private event was very fascinating yet exclusive as the invitation was for a Non-Armenian function (Bar Mitzvah). He has also performed at many charity concerts locally and internationally. Suro has received many achievement awards throughout his career such as “The Big Apple Music Award”and has been recognized as THE BEST NEWCOMER OF THE YEAR.

The past two decades have been an incredible journey in Suro's music career. Every milestone during his music path has had tremendous significance which made him the person he is today.  Through hard work, dedication and passion for music, he continued to pursue his dream and devoted his life to singing. He knew that no matter how his life turned out, singing would be a part of it.

Suro currently resides in Los Angeles, California. He is a very kind and a warm-hearted individual who is respected by many all around the world. Suro has a great sense of humor and a bubbly personality. His flawless voice, astonishing energy and hype he brings to any event is what differentiates him and makes him stand out as “Life of the Party”. Suro always strives to do bigger and better and always presents his fans from all over the world new and exciting surprises. Suro will always be fearless in the pursuit of leaving everyone amazed by his fascinating talent and passion for delivering the best in music. He has done many good deeds to those in need and he continues to give back to the community. A special quote that was written for Suro which he lives by is, “Music is the prayer that my heart sings”.

Suro wholeheartedly thanks all the incredible people who stood beside him, supported him, inspired him, those who believed in him and gave him strength and determination to be able to share his passion globally. Lastly, Suro is grateful of God for blessing him with this amazing talent. His music and lyrics will always leave an everlasting impression in the hearts of his fans. He feels honored and blessed with the amount of success he has achieved thus far.

A legendary artist who followed his heart and chased his dream. May every star continue to shine on Suro and may success always be in abundance in his life.

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